The work environment at Trading Research is built around the belief of growth beyond boundaries. Some of the critical elements that define our work culture are corporate exposure, cross-domain experience, and work-life balance. Each of these elements goes much deeper than what it ostensibly conveys.
We at Trading Research believe that it is not about winning at all costs, neither is it about winning every time, nor about winning at the expense of others. It is about working together to create a synergy; realizing that I win when my team wins, my team wins when Trading Research wins, and Trading Research wins when its clients win.
It is about innovating all the time. It is a continuous endeavor to do better than the last time. If you are looking for a dynamic, enriching and challenging opportunity in your career, look no further. We are looking for highly talented and dedicated people to join the Winning Trading Research team. We are rapidly growing and we seek to find the right candidate for the job. So if you think you have it in you apply now and be a part of a revolution called "Trading Research"!
An Ideal Candidate Should Posses The Following Characteristics:
Respect for the individual, being thoughtful and responsible: At its highest vision, respect for the individual is unqualified, thus act with thoughtfulness, act responsibly, act with empathy... act with sensitivity.
Core values and high morale: We look for people having a strong base of values with high level of commitment, dedication and integrity who would not compromise with the core values and principles of the organization for anything in the world.
Good Communications: Communication is the key to connect from one to thousands. Be it any role in any department, this would be the key skill you must possess to become a part of the success ride.
Quick Learner: At Trading Research, everyone at all the cadres of hierarchy believes that even after years of experiences and scholarships, there will always be something to learn. Same is the quality we expect in the new members of our family.
Energy & Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm: For us, enthusiasm, passion and zeal are amongst the most important traits that can actually take off one's career to a great height.
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